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The Four Friends – A Preschool Activity

Below are photos we used to tell the story of the Four Friends in our Toddler Large Group this past Sunday. Parents, you can re-create this for your two- to five-year-old at home using the toys you have. All you need is a box, some figures (we used Little People), a square of cardboard, and something to lower the mat. In the captions, we have given you some ideas of what you can say as you retell the story. Have fun with it and let us know how it went.

Here are our four friends.

Our four friends want to help their friend. He cannot move. He cannot walk.

The four friends have heard of a guy named Jesus. Jesus is making people better. He is coming to their town. “Maybe Jesus can help their friend?”, they think.

The four friends decide to take their friend to see Jesus.

When they get to where Jesus is, the house is packed full of people. They can’t get in. Oh no, what will they do?

The four friends climb  up onto the roof and bring their friend up there with them. Phew! That was hard. Then they cut a hole in the roof.

Jesus and the people below watch.

The four friends lower their friend down to Jesus.

Jesus is astounded by their faith and forgives the man’s sins. Then he tells the man to get up and walk.

The man gets up and walks. Jesus made him better. Yay, Jesus! Jesus wants to be our friend. Jesus helps us just like he helped this man.

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